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July 19, 2008, 08:02 PM
I recently inherited 2 guns, 1 was an 1890 Winchester made in 1905 and the other is a 12 ga double barrell hammer shotgun. The left side of the receiver is engraved with a hunting dog, squiggle line around the perimeter and has Jannsen Sons 809. The stock is checked around the grip area and has a ribbed butt plate. The wood under the barrells is also checked. The reverse C hammers have lines engraved across them. The center rib of the barrells has a flower engraved at the breech, with lines engraved the full length of the barrells & has "Belgium Laminated Steel" engraved towards the breach. The gun is in very good condition and is still in the original canvas bag.

Can anyone give me any information on this weapon?

Dave McC
July 20, 2008, 09:01 AM
Yes, it's a shotgun shaped artifact, not a weapon.

Laminated steel, like Damascus, is made of strips of iron and steel heated, wrapped around a mandrel and beaten until they weld. Under the pressures of modern ammo and after a century or so of use, these often to do not hold up.

Shotguns and grenades have similar working pressures. Usually twist barrels let go someplace between the breech and forearm tip.

Besides that, chambers of old shotguns are seldom made to modern specs. Firing new ammo in them jacks pressures up, not a good thing in any arm.

Are some laminated/Damascus/Twist barrels still in use?

Yes, but not by me. Some high end British and Euro shotguns are lightly used even today and with special ammo.

Others can be used with special chamber and bore sleeving but this runs about what a decent shotgun costs anyway.

This isn't one of those. It sold for a few bucks new and wasn't made or intended for long use.

Market value of these is minimal.

Hang it on the wall and admire it.


July 20, 2008, 12:10 PM

Thanks for the info & I agree with everthing you stated. For me it will be an artifact setting in my gun cabinet because it belonged to an uncle.

What I would really like to find is information on the Janssen Company.