View Full Version : No Mar Camo Tape Report

July 14, 2008, 09:41 PM
Just thought I would let people know here since it was something I wondered about before I just tried it.

I never got a straight answer on if the No Mar tape would actually do anythig to the finnish of your gun or not.

I took a Browning A-500 turkey hunting. The stock has a really nice near mirror finnish on it, and the metal is all high gloss blueing. Pretty much the wrong gun to take turkey hunting.

One year when I took it, I was with another guy who was on a hill over 500yrds away. He said that had to cover his eyes from the glare he saw off the thing in the sunlight.

So I tried the tape this past April, and put it on the wood, the barrel, and part of the action.

I intentionally forgot about it until two weeks ago. When I took it off it wasn't hard at all, and it pretty much pulled right off with only a few specks of residue. The residue you could rub off easy.

Then I oiled it and it looked good as new with no trace on the blueing or stock.