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July 11, 2008, 09:09 PM
Where in the heck does the "unique snap on mounting attachment" go???

My first thought was that you had to hammer out the factory grip pin, but the supplied instructions do not list the New Model Blackhawk as a model needing it removed.

None of the pictures show a NM Blackhawk being used as an example for installation. The only reference to a Blackhawk states ..."for Blackhawk models use the lowest stir up pin for you frame"... Ok got it...use the little pin. But where is it supposed to go???

I called Hogue and they said that it should fit under the internal lock. It doesnt. They went on to say that all guns are different and wont fit the same but thats where the pin was designed to go. What gun did they use to determine this??? I have 4 Ruger NM Blackhawks and when checking those as well, there is absolutley no way a pin will fit between the lock and the frame.

I can fit them on with no problem WITHOUT the mounting attachment and they fit pretty tight. But the customer service agent said not use them without the mount attachment as accuracy will suffer and the grips will begin to loosen with time as they "stretch out".

Am I supposed to/can I remove the internal lock??? Is Hogue just nuts??? Or am I just stupid??? I'd like to use these grips, but Im thinking a return for refund at the store might be necessary.

BTW these are the correct grips, Hogue #83000, "for Blackhawk, Vaquero, Single six...NOT for Old Model/Flat Top Blackhawk."

July 12, 2008, 02:32 PM
Here's a picture of my New Model Blackhawk butt with the same grip removed.

I hope this helps.