View Full Version : Liquifix

July 9, 2008, 07:48 AM
I've been trying out a new lube called Liquifix. It is supposed to be non toxic and safe for most surfaces. So far I've tried it on all knids of steel and various finishes, Noryl GTX, G10, Micarta, Zytel, rubber, leather, neoprene, plastic, bronze, brass, and wood. No problems at all, and virtually no odor. It really works great to spruce up old faded G10 and Micarta handles on knives. Extremely easy to apply. I've also used it around the house and on my truck and it works great on window tracks and squeaky hinges. Highly recommended for knives.

I'm going to try it on a few pistols to see how it works under high heat, etc..

When I'm done trying it out I want to pass it on (big bottle, plenty to try) to someone else with several different types of firearms to give it a thorough trial, and then post a review.