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July 8, 2008, 04:46 PM


Jeff Wright is a new holster maker out of Misouri. http://www.boomstickholsters.com
His pictures are better than mine so I start with his. Front & back view of both holsters. Since they are the same holster for different guns most of the review will be statements made about both holsters. SP101 & GP100. The holsters are Jeff's take on a basic Bruce Nelson Design or Askins Avenger.
First impressions.
General appearance: Eye appeal is excellent. These are as beautiful in person as in the pictures. Each arc of the holster flows very smoothly into the next one. The lower outside of the mouth of the holster will make the drawmuch quicker. Outside of the holster mouth covers a little more than 3/4 of the cylinder & all of the trigger. The barrel portion of the holster is boned quit tight to the gun barrel & under lug then opens up to a very adaquate site track. The site track opening is extreemly even on both sides. Something many new holster makers struggle with.


The inside of the holster curves up smoothly to completely cover the cylinder release button & then back down until even w/ the outside covering the trigger guard.

Gun to holster fit is excellent. There was no need to wrap the gun w/ wax paper or put the gun in a baggie. It will break in very nicely after sitting over night. Belt to holster fit is the same in the main loop behind the cylinder & the tail loop also.
I like the contour of the holster. This will make break in easier than if it were built streight.

Dye is even throughout the entire peice. Stitching is even & stays the same distance from the edges throughout the entire holster. All edges are rounded & died to give a distinct outline of the holster.
First impression in a nutshell. Excellent. I will wear the holsters for several days & return w/ a function report.