View Full Version : Low-recoil vs. full power 2.75" OO Buck

July 5, 2008, 07:39 PM
I have a question regarding low recoil vs. full power ammo....

does the low recoil have less velocity, pack less of a punch (kill/stopping power) when shooting at a bear, deer, person etc....

July 5, 2008, 07:47 PM
In short, yes.

Some has one less pellet (8 instead of 9) some has 9 pellets but less powder (WinLite Loads). Some may have both (not sure).

July 5, 2008, 08:07 PM
standard velocity buckshot= nine pellets of 00 buck @ 1350 FPS or so
reduced recoil buckshot= nine pellets of 00 buck at 1100-1200 FPS or so
[Remington makes an 8-pellet low recoil load]

use reduced recoil buck for bad guys [home defense] and full-power buckshot for hunting.
3" magnum buckshot loads simply aren't necessary for SD scenarios--bad guys won't be able to notice the difference in terminal performance.

all of my HD shotguns are stoked with either reduced recoil buck or Aguila Mini-Slugs

July 5, 2008, 09:11 PM
I just can't see any reason to use low recoil 00 in a defense situation. I seem to be able to handle the regular stuff ok.
If I were going to shot up 250 rounds at a shotgun class or course, low recoil loads might be a good idea.

July 6, 2008, 12:10 AM
The record of low recoil tactical 00 buck on the street has been excellent.

Any reduction in velocity is more than made up for by Federals' plated shot, faster follow up shots, and tighter patterns.

Federal has now introduced their FliteControl wad into their Tactical Buckshot. What that means is that the choke no longer determines pattern tightness. The wad does. As in MUCH tighter patterns.

At 10 yds there is no patter, at 15yds patterns are 4" in diameter. At 25yds all shot is contained in about a 7 to 9" circle. This from my Scattergun Tech cyl bore.

Even Tactical buck without FliteControl shoots tighter than full power buck.

Also, low recoil slugs are not bad to shoot, either. Full recoil slugs thump me pretty good. Of, course, I'm in my 6th decade and shotguns beat me up like they didn't used to if I try for long shooting sessions. For SD, 1300 fps works just fine as testified to my many LE agencies, but if one prefers the full power 1550fps stuff, that's ok with me.:)

I've tested all the above, and also full power buck. The full power stuff blows patterns out noticeably more than the low recoil ammo. Not an issue in doors at very close range, perhaps. But faster follow shots could be useful.

Easiest to shoot is low recoil Win. Ranger with lead shot. It produces good patterns tighter than full power stuff, but not as tight as FliteControl ammo.

Hornady Tap also uses lead shot, but also uses the FliteControl wad.

July 6, 2008, 12:29 AM
Here's some info that might interest some.
From 18" cyl bore.

LE 127 RS Fed. Tac slug, low recoil
1236 fps

Win Ranger RA12RS15, low recoil

Fed. Classic 1oz slug (def not low recoil):D
1495 fps

Rottweil Brenneke 1oz

Rottweil short mag 2 3/4" Brenneke, 1 1/8 oz

Fed LE132-00 buck 9 pellet with FliteControl plated shot
1124 fps

Fed LE133-00 buck 8 pellet without FC (though I believe it has it now) plated shot
1159 fps

Note: I believe the 8 pellet loads were created because some LE agencies specify 8 pellet on the belief that they produce better patterns than the 9 pellet loads. I think the Remington load did produce better patterns, and MAYBE the others as well.

Win Ranger RA12005 00 buck lead shot
1107 fps
Mild shooting, pleasant load (not on Bubbas' end)

Hornady tap lead shot with FliteControl produces same tight patterns as Fed Tac w/FC. Not chrono'ds, but is almost as mild to shoot as Ranger-- though all low recoil (Tactical) loads are easy to shoot.

Didn't chrono full power Fed Classic buck, but it's noticeably harder on the shoulder than the Tactical stuff.