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June 30, 2008, 12:23 AM
hi all,looking for info on a ranger m36a (who made it) i found that a m36 is made by marlin but couldnt find anything with a m36a.someone told me winchester maybe.does anyone know.thanks.

George R
June 30, 2008, 07:39 PM
I'm pretty sure you have a Marlin Model 80. Bolt action .22? Made prior to WWII.

July 1, 2008, 06:57 PM
Welcome to TFL.

"Marlin Model 36- 3rd Variation .30-.30 Win. or .32 SPEC cal., blued receiver, no upper tang markings, mod. no. and cal. marked on barrel, rifles have "A" suffix, Sporting carbine has "SC" suffix. Manfactured 1946-47"

Blue Book of Gun Values, 29th ed.
I'm out on a limb with the sketchy info you gave us. A picture as well as all markings on the gun are really needed
This is as close as the Blue Book comes in description to what you seem to have. Does this sound close?

July 2, 2008, 07:04 PM
sorry about not putting down alot of info.it says,

ranger 22s-l-lr-m36a made in the usa on top.and it is a single shot.other than that i do not see anything else.no numbers or anything.

January 24, 2009, 03:07 PM
I am holding a rifle my father bought used in the 30's for $5.00.

Stamped on the barrel is:

--- MADE IN USE ---

The print appears just like that, two lines, with no spacing in the top line. The "22S-L-LR-" letters are slightly smaller than the rest.

There is currently a rifle that looks quite similar on an auction site. That rifle has a 5-shot clip:


At first glance my rifle looks exactly like the rifle in the picture, but without the clip.

With the rifle here in hand, I can see some details that are an exact match, as well as some differences:


Overall shape of stock - no differences - butt, grip, front end curve, and wood grain. On left side view, note the cut down (1/8"?) at the rear, possibly for peep sight attachment. That is also on mine.

Trigger guard - exact same shape and placement of screws.

Trigger - same silver color compared to the other gun metal. Same shape and
position in trigger guard and in relation to the breach above.

Breach (is that what you call the section that the bolt slides in?) - same two
holes(?) for peep sight attachment(?) at far rear of left side view. My rifle
has a rectangular block attached at this point, for peep sights that my dad
once had, if I remember correctly. (The block would not fit if it weren't for
the cutdown of the stock along that side.)

Bolt handle/knob appears to be just the same - ball, silver, size, and swept
back angle.

The collar around the chamber where the breach and barrel meet looks just the same.

The barrel of my rifle is 24", as is the one online.


Unable to see if that's really a metal butt plate on the stock.

It appears that the rear sight attachment is slightly (about 1/2") farther back
on the barrel. My dad bought new sights for this rifle....


As noted at work, my rifle has rings for a strap, I believe added by my dad.

Pull-back knob for firing mechanism on my rifle is a different shape (conical,
machined with 6 small, 1/32"(?) steps), and the shaft sticking out the rear of
the bolt is 7/16" diameter. The one in the picture looks smaller, like maybe
3/8" or 5/16".

Online, there appears to be a rectangular block at the rear of the "breach",
just ahead of the pull-back knob. This does not occur on my rifle.

The loading opening at the breach is cut away differently on my rifle, on both
sides. On the left side it's the same at the front end but at the rear of the
cut-away mine comes up at a 90-degree angle, with a small radius at the
"vertex" of the cut. The rifle online appears to sweep back at less than a
90-degree angle, if I see that right.

Looking at the right side of the rifle, on my rifle the loading opening at the
breach is cut at 90 degrees, front and back, of the 1 5/8" opening. Online the machining is curved both front and back.

A MAJOR DIFFERENCE here is that my bolt handle pushes forward and drops into this front opening, not a separate cutaway farther back, as online. BUT ON LOOKING CLOSER, I SEE THAT THE WHOLE BREACH, or section in which the bolt slides is actually longer in the online rifle than on mine. Assuming that the trigger guards are really identical, I measured my guard, from center to center of the screws (66mm). Then I measured my "breach" from back to the drop down the the barrel at the front (135mm). Ratio is .489.

Then I measured the same in close-up right-side view on my monitor screen and got 29mm/75mm = .387. This would mean the online rifle's breach is somewhat longer, right? This might explain why the sight appears closer to the breach on the online rifle.

Looking again at the bolt, I see that the online rifle bolt handle drops down
directly above the front curve of the trigger guard. On mine the handle knob
sits just ahead of that curve.

Finally, the bolt below the breach, holding the barrel to the stock, is much
closer to the trigger guard on the online rifle. That would allow room for the
clip. My bolt is directly under the collar around the chamber. The knurled
heads appear the same, but mine sits in closer to the stock, with maybe only
1/32" of shaft showing.

GOT THAT? ENOUGH! I wondered what I would do with my Saturday afternoon!

January 24, 2009, 03:18 PM
I found this just now with entering "M36A barrel" in Google, second link:


This is my rifle, mentioned in my previous post, in every detail, except it has the peep sight, and no strap rings.

Unfortunately the pictures above will not remain there for long....

February 7, 2009, 09:38 PM
looks like a marlin clip.marlin 80 great book Numrick cat.:rolleyes: :eek: