View Full Version : Optics and sling questions

June 26, 2008, 11:39 AM
Next week I'm going to pick up another DPMS AR-15 and a Savage bolt action in either .223 or .22-250. I'm also getting a new shotgun this weekend but that's for a later thread. For the AR I'm going with the flat top upper and 16 inch barrel. I'm not currently wanting to spend the $ for an ACOG or the likes. While looking at the Bushnell trophys series of red dots, I seen the Barska electra, I believe thats what it's called, on Cabelas sight. It has good reviews from people putting it on AR's. And it's $100. Anybody have any experience with it or can you recommend another around that price? The savage will get a Bushnell Banner 4x12. I'm looking at the sling that has the shooting sticks built in. I have bipods and I have shooting sticks but this looks pretty handy. It's $60 from Cabelas. Any experience?