View Full Version : sights for beretta 92S

June 26, 2008, 07:39 AM
Hello, this is post #1 so please, go easy, and thanks for having me here on this awesome forum.

Ok, I'm in Australia, only recently started shooting pistols and found two things out. 1) I REALLY like it. 2) I'm actually not as bad as I thought I'd be. I'm not good - yet, but I think I'm doing ok.

Anyhoo, because of our draconian firearms laws, it'll be at least 12 months till I can own my own pistol, but I'm mates with the pistol club guys, so they lend me the club Beretta 92s <I love it> - and have agreed that I can do some work on it if I like to tide me over till I can buy one of my own. <looking at a sig 226tactical or a beretta 90two - got plenty of time to decide :( >

So... what can be done about the sights on the beretta? The front post looks fixed to the slide, and extensive googling has produced zero results. Help. What are my options? The factories are ok, but we only ever shoot at night, and I find myself hunting for the front post in the shaddows. I can shoot ok with it - currently drawing a 3" group at 15 yards freehand, which I'm happy with - but I know I can do better. 3" is about the size of the circle I draw with the sights ie if the gun were in a vice, I'd draw a circle 3" across at 15 yards and say "it'll hit there somewhere". So I'm after a more "precise" sight, and if possible a more visible one. Ie I'm not a big fan of the 3-dot combat sights on the guys' glocks - they draw an even bigger "here somewhere" circle. I prefer a specific aiming point, and deal with the movement, rather than area aiming. Just a "me" thing.

Anyhoo, can anyone help? Please?

Thanks a bunch.