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June 25, 2008, 09:16 PM
Well. I did this same thread about three years ago. I have an AMT 1911, Gov't or Hardballer, dunno which. Stainless 1911 anyway.

Bought it used and had problems with FTF from an overlong and poorly shaped extractor. Got some advice here and filed and fiddled and polished until it was working very well. Ran without a hitch for a good 3000 rounds or so.

Until yesterday. My beautiful hand fitted, polished and perfectly tweaked extractor BROKE.:eek:

I just happened to have a Wilson Bulletproof extractor I had bought when fiddling the first time but wound up not using once I got my original working. Dropped it in to see what would happen and I got the same old familiar jams I used to see. Okay, did this once, no problem, right? Sure...

Beveled and polished as before, shortened it a tad so it doesn't rest against the barrel. Feeding better, but still not 100%. It's still a bit proud of the breach face so it marks the cases pretty hard. I don't have a good enough small file here to get in there so I'll take it to work with me tomorrow. Good shop tools there. Hey, the rules say 'no guns', doesn't say anything about parts.....

Anyway, the extractor itself is still just a bit too long. Maybe 10 thou. Or more likely, since this is an AMT and a stock extractor, the gun's too short.:)

I can't take anymore off the front edge of the extractor for fear of weakening the hook. Now what? I could widen the slot that the slide stop fits in so the extractor would sit further back, but that would make the extractor pretty sloppy. Any thoughts?