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June 19, 2008, 11:22 PM
I am a big fan of milsurps, and have more than a few, and I have a serious pet-peeve where it drives me nuts if they are missing their cleaning rods, slings, or bayonets/frogs/sheaths,in that order of irritation.:)

I have a Prussian Mauser model 71/84 made in 1884 that I restored over many months from a rusty, $20 "relic" barreled receiver, and am having much trouble even finding a picture of an original sling, let alone any info on them, or one for sale, including even a modern made replica of an original.I have scoured the net for months, and have found NOTHING. Even at fancy-schmancy auction houses selling minty, all original 71/84's for a fair chunk of money, none mention having the sling, nor are any pictured with one.

So, if any of our Mauser experts can give me ANY info, links to pics, or leads on where to get an original, or replica sling, I would be very grateful. I cant even find any info saying, for example, that they used the same sling, as say, the GEW88, or 1903, or anything like that, so if anyone knows if they were the same as the ones used on another model, that would help a lot,as the other model may be more common, and thus easier to get sling info on, or for whatever reason, more of them had their slings survive and/or kept with them, or have modern replicas floating around for sale.

Any and all info would be better than the nothing I have turned up, so thank you in advance for ANYTHING. I have to think someone here knows something, given the astounding amount of knowledge of the rare, odd, unusual, exotic, etc I see in this section all the time.

June 20, 2008, 03:44 PM

I am on your side buddy, see my other posts.
Did a quick google search on "mauser 71/84" and it produces quite some results, although I am not sure which info you are looking for.

Oberndorf a.d. Neckar has a very small but nice museum, that is partly dedicated to Mauser ofcourse.
See: http://www.waffenmuseum-oberndorf.de

You might try to send them an email for detailed pictures, I know they have the rifle. (see "Exponate")

Hope it helps. If you need translation help to/from german, send my a private email and I will see what I can do to help.

If necessary and adequately informed, I can call them for you.

June 20, 2008, 03:56 PM
I have a Commission Gew 88 cleaning rod that i =think= is the same as the 71/84

If this proves true, you're welcome to it for the price of shipping

Google Preußen Gewehr 71/84

viel spaß :)

June 20, 2008, 05:54 PM
Actually, by pure luck, I did an Ebay search last night, and found a guy who makes replica slings for them, and he had some good pics, so now I know what they look like. But, they were going for $50+ , and both auctions ended befor I got paid this morning :(, so I'll have to keep and eye on him, or try to contact him to get one. I have been looking for replica or original slings for over 6 months, and that was the first time I have ever seen one for sale at all.Well, at least now I know what they look like, and sadly, they look to be unique, so I cant really substitute with one from a different Mauser like I was hoping might be the case.

To make the coincidenc odder, a guy on THR had given me a link to a site where there was 1 pic of a sling, but you couldnt get much detail, and there was no other info about it on the sight. Turns out that is the same guy selling the slings on Ebay! Wierd.

Did a quick google search on "mauser 71/84" and it produces quite some results, although I am not sure which info you are looking for.

Yup. TONS of info on the rifle itself comes up, and a fair number for sale, but I never found any pictures of a sling, either on or off one of the rifles anywhere, and I havent ever seen a rifle for sale with the sling on it, even in some high end auctions from fancy collectors auction houses. I gather that for whatever reason, the vast majority of the original slings vanished somehwere, somehow, and since they dont really seem to be all that popular of a rifle for whatever reason, no one (except for this one guy on Ebay apparently) is making replicas.No real demand I guess.

Heres a link to the Ebay auction, and the guys website, in case anyone else has been looking for a source of slings, or just to see what one actually looks like, etc.



I have a Commission Gew 88 cleaning rod that i =think= is the same as the 71/84
I appreciate the offer, but the 71/84 doesnt have a cleaning rod, or at least not one that attaches to the gun in any way (they may have had something separate that they used and carried somehow, but I havent even seen anything that mentions it). The thing poking out below the barrel that looks like a cleaning rod is a stacking post/swivel type thing thats part of the cap for the magazine tube.

Dutchy-Thanks for the link, hadnt seen that one I dont think. I'll browse thru it and see how much German I remember from school 15 years ago :o