View Full Version : "GET SOME" in SLC Utah

June 9, 2008, 08:19 PM
:barf: What a damned joke..... All right, they have a really nice selection of hardware, but WAY overpriced on a lot of things--------AK clones averaging in the $700-$900 range...

What I'm most pieved about? General attitude! I was across the street, waiting for a pizza at Papa Johns, and heard the indoor range---"Hey, I know that sound! I'll be back in a few!"

After 20 minutes of wandering around, one of their chairborne ranger clerks finally says "Need Help?"

ME>>"Yah, pal, I see you have several Barretts in 50BMG, but I'm really curious if you have any recient info on their rechambering in .416 caliber, particularly the M99 Bolt-Single."

Bonehead Clerk>> "Oh, you won't see ANY of those here in Utah, you can buy the 50-cal here..."

ME>> "Look, I'm not interested in a 3-moa cannon, I shoot extreme-range and like the higher velocity and flatter trajectory--same reason I prefer a 7mm Remington magnum over a .30 caliber."

Bonehead Clerk>> Well, this isn't California, you can buy a 50-cal here in Utah. You won't find a .416 here."

ME>> "Whatever..."

Summary: What a bunch of keyboard commando wanna-be jack-asses. If you're interested in slapping any POS add-on you can find on any computer game ontp your AR-platform rails, I'm sure they can help. As for doing business, I'll gladly go elsewhere---thank you very much! :mad:

June 24, 2008, 01:39 PM
+1 on Get Some, Using their range is taking your life in everybody elses hands. They were really good until Mike took over as manager before the move.