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June 2, 2008, 10:25 AM
I was a hold out on lasers because of some of the cons I had read (many of them myths IMHO) but now I'm a convert. Thought I'd open up some discussion on them.

In my experience nothing is faster for fast target acquisition in low light. I tried and night sights and was not impressed...especially didn't like how they did not work as well as regular sights in bright daylight.

Vs. Nightsights.

1. Faster. Just put dot on target.
2. Doesn't compromise regular sights for daylight shooting.

I've got a Crimson Trace and have found it to be the best compromise solution.

It is about as bright as any red laser out there...brighter than most.

It is seemless to use. Just grip gun. No switch to throw. No cord to catch or tangle or fatique.

Laser is relatively close to bore so parallax is small.

It doesn't compromise your night vision like a green laser can....especially when a green laser reflects off a shiny surface back at you.

It fits in most holsters...no special rig necessary.

Red laser doesn't project path back to you like green laser.

Con is that it doesn't work well in very bright light but then the regular sights work fine.

My experience with lasers shows two big benefits.

1. Very fast target acquisition in low light. Gun can be held lower and doesn't block your vision.

2. Improvement in accuracy...especially late in shooting session when eye fatigue kicks in.

Another benefit I find with lasers is they make a great teaching tool.
-They help you learn to to point shoot.
-They help with dry fire practice...you can see better where how muzzle moves.

I have been so impressed with the CT laser that I considered a green laser which would be useable in bright sunlight.

I decided against it after doing some research.

My concerns were. 1. Green lasers are more complicated with multiple stacked filters and less robust because of this. 2. Green lasers are much less efficient because of how they convert the light therefore require a bigger power source or have significantly lower run times. 3. Green lasers are bright enough to compromise your night vision...especially if you catch a reflection of your beam. 4. Green lasers project a line back to the gun. 5. Green lasers, due to there stacked filter design have a very limited operating temperature range....something like 50-80 F degrees...more or less depending on the manufacturer of the laser device.

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