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May 30, 2008, 10:34 PM
So, obviously mine is all black. I wanted to take the paint off of the slide and make it a two-tone gun, so it will be different. Also, I hear that it is way more intimidating to a criminal (two tone finish). The paint is just beginning to wear off of some of the corners on the front due to holster wear. I've had it about six months or so and carried it all day every day. Is this possible (removing the paint) and would I need to put any kind of a sealer on? I don't think it's stainless steel, the slide that is.

May 30, 2008, 11:14 PM
Also, I hear that it is way more intimidating to a criminal (two tone finish).
I wouldn't put any stock in that WHATSOEVER.

If you really want the 2-tone finish, you could always DIY with some sandpaper or tape it off and bead blast it or something, but I would honestly send it to a reputable smith that does aftermarket finishes. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Bill DeShivs
May 31, 2008, 01:05 AM
If you remove the finish, the steel will rust unless you do something to prevent it. Nickel plating comes to mind.

May 31, 2008, 12:29 PM
I have never heard of 2 tone having any intimidation factor in any confrontation involving a firearm. Size does matter and certain accessories can increase the [email protected] factor of the bad guy. A red dot on his/her chest emanating from the laser attached to the shotgun held by someone who looks like they know how to use has a high intimidation factor. The very scared and shaking young lady holding a small and shaking pistol made me the most intimdated that I've ever been!

Bare (non-Stainless) metal will quickly rust unless it's sealed with something. Like the previous poster said; Nickel will work or Hard Chrome....if you want something shiny. A 2 tone bake-on finish can give you something non-shiny. If you absolutely want the bare metal look, mask it off, abrasive blast the sides and coat them with some type of clear. Keep yer powder dry, Mac.
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