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May 30, 2008, 02:33 PM
Ok so I told you guys I purchased a cheap weapon light for my shotgun project off ebay until I build my funds back up to buy a better one.

What I purchased was a Spiderfire V4 tactical rail mount with the mounting hardware to attach it to the rail

Price was 37.00 shipped to my po box

it is supposed to be a 120 lumen bulb but I have no way of checking that. IT IS BRIGHT
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MY REVIEW OF THE LIGHT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

OK I start the review off by saying, Probably the best 40 bucks I have spent in a very long time.

The light

It is an aluminum frame light that is substantially smaller than the surefire that I have borrowed from a friend ( surefire 6p )

It is run by 1 CR123A battery and it was included in the package as well as the rail mount.

The light is supposed to be 120 lumens and is an LED bulb ( no break from shotgun shooting which I tested 30 rounds this morning. )

It is a neat little light with my only complaint being the pressure switch for the light is not a bungee type cord it is just a straight cord and is not long enough for me to put on the slide so I will have to be creative about how to mount it. I did send the company an email to see if they have an end cap switch for it which would also enable me to use it off of the gun.


Like I said before this little sucker is BRIGHT, I am surprised at the quality of this little light and the brightness is great. I have had a little cheapo 9 led light in my shotgun till this came in so that is what I have to compare it to right now.

I did compare it to a D-cell maglight also but the batteries in the maglight were not the best so it is not a fair comparison for maglight.


It is included with the light and is actually pretty nice however since I recently put a 3 way rail mount on my shotgun I will just mount the light in there as it will be a little more compact that way.

Ok guys, I would recommend this as it is less than 40 bucks shipped and it is a good quality little light, if it had an end cap switch or a curly cord it would be the perfect light for my use on my shotty but I will get by with it.

I am going to put fresh batteries in the surefire later to get some good comparison pictures but as of right now im comparing it to a 9 led compact flashlight.

well hope this helps and let me know if you have questions



Here is a comparison of the 9 led flashlight against the Spiderfire V4

here is the 9 LED
Here is the Spiderfire V4 120 Lumer