View Full Version : Llama Max1 parts interchange

May 26, 2008, 05:07 PM
I have a Llama max1 45 acp, I am wondering what parts will interchange with a starndard 1911. I've been told the slide wont , but some other parts will.

May 29, 2008, 07:15 AM
I checked both my Max-I and Firestorm (also Llama) manuals, and they dont say, however, I did find this info below.It's a thread on a 1911 specific forum, and the info was supposedly straight from the Bersa-Llama website at the time (2005).

Looks like most of the major parts, except the slide will. wonder why the slides wont interchange? seems like a 1911 slide would be a 1911 slide for the most part, but I guess not.intereting.


FWIW, I love my MAX-I and Firestorm. both have been 100% reliable, they shoot well, and were a pretty good deal, price-wise, IMHO.I wouldnt sell mine, or consider relaceing them. Just no need too,when I can trust them to hit where I aim, and function with perfect reliability, reguarless of the ammo I put in it.Cant beat it. I have carried my Firestorm daily for 5 years now, and trust my life to it.For all the "Llama bashing" you hear, I sure haven't pesonally seen any evidence of them being "junk" as claimed.Mine are both 100% reliable,even when real dirty. I have seen a few Kimbers and colts am up at the range though.:p:D