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jamie 22/250
May 15, 2008, 01:14 PM
hi im new to the site im from england ive had my fac for a year now.
ive got a cz style 22lr and a annie 1517 hmr both good rifles used for rabit and crow control. both have silencers on which helps with the noise :)

ive just been granted 22/250 centrefire to wich ive just put a payment down to keep hold of the rifle. the guy is screwcuting and recrowning the rifle for me for a silencer to be added.

the rifle i have picked in this cal is a winchester stealth mk 1 ive been told these rifles are hard to come buy now even in secondhand form never mind new. the one ive found is brand new and im told its one of the last two in this country for sale and its a good find. ive looked on the internet for some info on this rifle and ive not found much. so as you guys on here no abit ;) about your rifles is there anyone that could tell me about it ? when they where made and if anyone on here has one :) thanks and sorry about the long post atb to you all :D

May 15, 2008, 01:41 PM
Well, the Stealth was a pretty good shootin iron. The factory trigger pulls that I've felt were plum awful. But, alas, all is not lost and hopeless. There are several places on the net in which you can get after-market tiggers- or if your gunsmith is worth his weight in salt, he can put a nice trigger job/tune on it. The Winchester will likely last much longer than you will if you care for it properly.

The 22/250 is a dandy ctg. It'll launch a 55gr bullet in the 3800-3900 fps ballpark. If you go with a quality varmint type bullet- it is very effective on smallish critters. V-Max's are explosive and promise to provide tremendous entertainment when they induce acrabatical behaviour upon critters.

So what is the real deal with folks under the crown owning firearms? We're told constantly, on this side of the pond, that ya'll are prohibited from owning anything more exciting than a butterknife. Just how much hassle do ya'll have to go through to own a firearm? And what was with all those photos we saw from several years ago showing mountains of rifles, shotguns, and pistols being destroyed?

jamie 22/250
May 15, 2008, 02:05 PM
thanks for the info :) its just for fox and crow control really.
as for the rifle laws here there pretty rubbish you have to apply for a fac ticket which can take up to 12 months ! in some areas it depends what police force you come under. you have to show reason for having them ie'' target shooting or vermin control if its for that then you have to prove you have land to shoot on from a farmer. then they check your police records and doctors records to make sure your ok to have them :(

then you have to tell them what cal rifles you want and why ? so people here have to have a mentor if they think you are new to shooting but i say how can you have any idea about it in the 1st place if you dont have the ticket granted :rolleyes: but thats our police for you.

as you no hand guns are banned here there not aloud anymore after a school killing of young kids years ago. yet since the made this law there are more gun crime and killing here then before :( so that didnt help at all.

the only good thing is we can have silencers on our rifles here which you cant there can you ?

May 16, 2008, 03:03 PM
We can have silencers in US with proper paperwork. Have to go through police for that as well, or incorporate or somesuch.

On one of the car enthusiast sites, another member said it is easy and not to expensive a license for a silencer. The silencers are $300US(.22LR) to over $1000US for centerfires. There are companies here that sell barrels with integrated silencers as well. They would make great tools for vermin control.

Full-auto is achievable as well. But $$$.

May 16, 2008, 09:55 PM
Thanks for your posts. We've been inundated with the horror stories of the confiscations and iron grip on owners and would-be owners. I'm sure some of them have been enhanced a bit, so it's good to hear first hand. Good luck and enjoy that Winchester!

jamie 22/250
May 17, 2008, 10:17 AM
yes as long as you got good reason for the rifle you want and the ground is passed for that cal rifle your fine. some people over here have open tickets which means they can shoot any of there rifles over any ground passed or not
its left to them by the police to that is why its open ticket.

so as long as they have permission to shoot there then there fine to use the rifles they have. ;) auto rifles are not permitted here. and semi auto is only in 22lr rifles centrefire semi autos are not permitted to. the 17 hmr isnt permitted in semi auto to which is silly as 22lr is. i think its because the law was made before the 17 hmr was out so they wont change the law now.

jamie 22/250
June 18, 2008, 01:38 PM
well i got my 22/250 stealth in the end i have fitted my bushnell 4200 elite tactial 6x24x50 to it. all i have to do now is get the ase cqb moderater for it
and put some ammo down it to shoot the rifle in.

next step is reloading for it. sorry mods if i have added to this thread when it is old and if you need to remove it :) i just wasnt sure where to put a picture up :)