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May 12, 2008, 01:08 PM
I picked this up on eBay for $30. I had owned one before so it was an "educated" price vs. intended use decision. My intended use is very occasional short term use with my least often carried CCW piece, an S&W 442 .38 snubbie, which I carry with alternating JHP's and shotshells for walking the dogs and around the yard, living on the lake. (snakes)

The Galco USA is a well made horsehide, rough side out holster. It has leather sewn in sight rails and a retention adjustment screw. The clip is a narrow, plastic(?), easily concealable J-hook. The design is marketed as a more concealable version of the Ultra Deep Cover, in that it is not reinforced around the top making it more concealable (and cheaper).
The negative aspect of the design, IMO, is the "new" J-hook, both in the width and attachment point. The original Deep Cover holster by Galco, now discontinued, had an aprox. 1" wide J-hook (admittedly somewhat harder to conceal) that was more stable, and which was attached to a leather strap sewn to the Bottom of the holster, which rides higher than the mid-holster attachment of the USA. The holster rode higher in the pants than the new model and the wider clip distributed better on the pants, which actually provide the support. The narrow new hook pulls noticeably at the top of the pants
Since I wear at around 2 O'Clock the USA rides too low for me, making it hard to sit and bend. The grip "hangs" right at the top of the pants, making it harder to grab, but very concealable. With the shirt tucked over the top it is near invisible. Possibly with a shorter gun the deep position wouldn't be a problem, but I couldn't wait to get it off after attempting to wear it out to dinner last night.
For my purpose of a 20 minute "dog walk" holster, I'm pleased with my $30 purchase. For an extended wear EDC CCW holster, I'll look elsewhere.

Galco "Ultimate Second Amendment"
High Noon "Alter Ego" / Galco "USA" / Old Galco "Deep Cover"

May 12, 2008, 01:11 PM
Ride Height Galco USA vs High Noon "Alter Ego"
Note How the snubbie's grip hangs right at pant top. Concealable but somewhat hard to grip quickly.

Galco USA "tucked"
Note how with the Galco holster the pants are pulled down below the belt. The High Noon is supported by the belt so the pants ride normally.

High Noon "Alter Ego"


Alter Ego "Tucked"

May 19, 2008, 02:15 PM
Addendum to this post:

I have been wearing the Galco USA holster at 4 o'clock for the last couple of days and it is much more comfortable. No problem with the ride height (low) hitting my legs sitting or bending and the grip stays tight up against the body.
I just prefer (through habit, no doubt) 2 o'clock, but I could get used to this.
It'll never be my favorite, but I am well satisfied for my #3 carry's limited use. I'll keep this holster and won't be shopping to replace it.