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May 7, 2008, 07:36 PM
I found a deal today that I couldn't pass up. I picked up a Winchester P1917 (with duck pond) rifle chambered in .300 H&H today. The rifle looked like it had seen a little neglect so I took it into a a local gun shop to have it checked out. First off we checked the head-space and it is a little long but the bolt will not close on the no-go gage. Then he checked the bore and said everything was exceptional in the barrel and throat. The feed rails have been worked, and the magazine has been cut down to 5 rounds, but the follower needs a little work. The bolt has a speed lock kit installed so that it now cocks on open. The receiver has had the ears milled off and D&T for a scope base.

Things that are still original on this rifle are the bolt handle and safety. The trigger I think is the original military two stage trigger and that will need to be replaced. Stock is still the original military wood but kind of butchered around the magazine.

I know I should have taken pictures of this rifle first, but I didn't get any. I left it at the gun shop to get a base installed, as the rear of the base needed to be milled down. I figured I'd see how good this rifle can shoot before I do any other work too it.

My question is what would you do to your P17 if you had to do it all over again? Especially to the action as that is where I'm going to focus most of my attention for now if the rifle shoots with potential. I would love to see pictures of your actions to get a better idea of what I want to do.

I know the rifle will need a new stock eventually. I'm kind of leaning toward a synthetic stock at the moment as this rifle is very heavy and it would lighten it up a little. I'm considering a laminate as well, not looking for anything too fancy as I don't want to sink a whole lot of money into this rifle. Suggestions on stocks would be appreciated, and I realize there probably aren't a whole lot out there for the P17.

I'm considering re-barreling this rifle to .375 H&H as well. I already have a .375 Ruger, and since the barrel is in good shape I'll probably leave it. Just that the .375 has always interested me more than the .300, so I keep thinking about it.

May 31, 2008, 03:21 PM
tf1, I see this thread has no takers-mmmh. I will share what I too want to do. First off for stocks Borden makes a synthetic, secondly send it to McMillan and they can stock it for you too along with bedding-would be a good thing.

Your chambering choice of a .375HH is a good one as the action easily would work since the rails and bolt face and claw have been worked over. I would have NECG front F/O and adj. rear installed as well - for back up. I have them on a few rifles and they are a fine sight indeed.

I had a Timney installed on my Rem. 30 .338-06 and had Jim Dubell do the metal work and reboring at that time. I know am in possession of another Rem. 30 and am thinking .375HH or the .416 Rigby, always wanted one or the other. Be a good grizz gun. I sent that bolt out on the .338-06 out to a fella to have the bolt jeweled-is nice. I do have a Timney base and Timney QRL rings on that particular rifle for my Leup. Vari-X 3 1.5x5 hvy. duplex. shooting NF's 225grn. with RL15.

Either the Pach. 990 or a Sims for a recoil pad with your length of pull would be swell.

oh well-let me know what you have gone to.