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May 6, 2008, 09:26 PM
I am looking for the application directions given on the Tru-Oil bottle. Could anyone transcribe them or post a photo, please?

May 6, 2008, 11:35 PM
They make a great many different products.

I have recently looked them up so I checked it out again..

I found a customer service toll free number.It is 1-800-328-6156.

Also look up "Birchwood" on line.Go to "Contact" at the bottom of the page.Click on "Contact us".Then the upper right hand corner.Click on "E-Mail".I hope that I got it right.I hope this helps you.


May 7, 2008, 12:12 AM
I have used Tru-oil on a few of my stocks and for me anyway, the directions on the bottle do not work well especially if you have a stock that has ANY kind of pores in it.

If you have a old finish on your stock, you must remove it, sand stock smooth, remove dust.
If new stock--no old finish--just sand and prep as much as you like.


Apply oil directly from bottle--use fingers or a clean cloth ( watch what kind of cloth you use---lint free is best)--spread evenly with grain --allow to dry at least 2 hours (not nearly long enough for me)

Buff lightly with 00 steel wool ( to course for me, I use 0000 but sandpaper is better for cutting in)

Repeat above steps until grain is filled and desired finish is obtained.

Apply wax for extra beauty and protection.

Thats about it and THAT does not work well for me.
It will dry to touch in 2 hours but it ain't near ready to work.
If you have any pores at all it the stock, the steel wool just pulls the oil/finish right back out---cutting in with sandpaper works better for me and once I get enough oil on the stock I let it set for 2 weeks to get hard enough to work.

Easy way:
Prep stock--sand remove all scratches etc.
Buy tru-oil in the spray can and spray your stock instead of using it out of bottle.
It drys fast and you can put a coat on every half hour --depending on humidity and conditions--that is re coat every half hour WITHOUT sanding in between coats.
Let dry 2 weeks and rub out with a good compound----triple F works good for me.
You can make it glossy or satin finish--just knock the shine off with 0000 steel wool VERY lightly if you want satin.

Tru-oil drys fast--and working it with a cloth out of the bottle can be tricky and if you use a cloth that leaves lint, you'll pull your hair out before you finish the stock.
It can be thinned with Mineral spirits and that is a good way to use it too.
Thin it about 50/50 and brush it on---it penetrates a little better and is easier to work with---you'll just need more coats to finish.

I purchased a sprayer and have purchased Tru-oil by the Gallon---I thin it and spray it---does a great job.
I like a tru-oil finish ---it is clear---offers good protection and water seal, does not yellow and is easier to repair when you do get a scratch or ding---some of the hard finishes are a bear to repair.

Hope this helps.

GB Linspeed is a good finish too and IMHO, is easier for a first timer to get a good finish --it's just easier to work with.