View Full Version : Ook I want a cell phone gun

Boone Hillbilly
May 6, 2008, 04:04 PM

I am a 02SOT, any clue where to get these?

James K
May 6, 2008, 07:27 PM
Such a device would be perfectly feasible as a one or two shot proposition.

But nothing like that would be approved for import. It might not be illegal, but it would fail any "sporting criteria" test. BATFE has classed similar devices a AOWs, under their somewhat flexible reading of 26 USC 5845. Could you make one under your license? I think so, but if you sold them to the public, even as AOWs, I suspect BATFE would figure out some way to stop you. I notice one of the devices pictured is a mockup, and I notice that the devices seem to come from the UK and Japan, both of which effectively ban all handguns; I suspect there is not, and never was, any working gun, just a teaser to tick off "authority" and cause panic in the TSA.

Let us know if you are successful in finding a source.


May 6, 2008, 07:43 PM
There was a guy in Jacksonville that was selling them at a gun show. It looked fake at less then 3 ft away and the buttons were machined into the face of the gun and painted. It was also big ang bulky, about 2-1/2"x6"x1-1/2". He had a 2 cell maglight .357 mag gun that looked like a much more practical proposition. The flashlight actually worked too.

Lawyer Daggit
May 6, 2008, 11:03 PM
I understand a Bike Gang got busted in Sydney or Melbourne Australia last year for selling a device that looked like a garage door remote control.

It was really a rather neat little .32 cal key ring pistol.

They were being produced in a home garage workshop.

The Police were worried by the number seized and ran quite a marketing campaign aimed at flushing out any of the little pistols out there.

Boone Hillbilly
May 7, 2008, 04:36 PM
Any info on the Jacksonville fella?

May 7, 2008, 08:12 PM
it's been years and I never saw him again. try googling "cell phone gun"

May 9, 2008, 01:56 AM
doesnt really seem to difficult to make.......