View Full Version : Feed problems with Win. .22 WRF

April 14, 2008, 10:29 AM
This is my first post, I may be wrong spot, i have .22 Winchester WRF with serial # 818363 & can't locate year, I suspect it is 1945-1950 or so, I would like to verify the year on this little pump jewel!
My problem is the loading mechanism is not catching the bullets & putting them in chamber now. I have oiled & checked, but don't know how to fix? any help on year & loading issue is greatly appreciated.
Being a southerner, I sincerly apologize if I have started off on wrong thread & interrupted the lose fit rimfire thread,
Hillbilly in KY!

April 15, 2008, 02:06 PM
Remove all the wood.Spray everything inside and out with a penetrating oil,Hoppe's #9 or military bore cleaner.Don't forget the magazine and springs.Let it set for a day to a week.Flush it all out.I use Naphtha or Mineral spirits in a cheap spray bottle.CAUTION!Fire hazard!Oil it and try it.You have eliminated the most common feed problems in my experience.If this does not correct the problem,you got mechanical problems such as wear,bent,broke missing or misalignment.You needed it clean to work on and you have eliminated fouling.

If this don't work,it is usually time for a pro.Guns of this age are often well worn and need mechanical work.Parts are often hard to come by and many good Gunsmiths can make a lot of parts out of the "RIGHT" metal.A home made job out of the "wrong" metal would be a temporary fix and has sometimes cause even more damage when it fails.I have been there and done that to my regret.