View Full Version : Which Slug Barrel for my 870 super mag?

April 10, 2008, 01:15 PM
I have a 870 Wingmaster Super Mag with the 3 1/2" chamber. And I was wondering which rifled slug barrels fit this gun? I have no problem getting a barrel with only a 3" chamber for slugs, but will it fit my gun? I can't seem to find this information out on the web. It looks like they will, but I would like to know if someone knows for sure. Can I use the regular 870 slug barrel with only a 3" chamber on my Super Mag?


Scattergun Bob
April 10, 2008, 06:27 PM
Quite frankly, when I attended Remington armors school the 3 1/2 was not in production, just talk. That kind of dates me, as OLD.

First lets address 3" barrels in 3 1/2 receivers, your manual clearly states NO, so even if someone says you can, lets not.

I have a little better access to Remington factory parts site than some, I do not see anything there that will work on your flavor of 870.

Hastings paradox, a company I trust does not list one of there great rifled barrels for 3 1/2 870 in there catalogue.

My humble advice is two fold:

Get on the web to Hastings Barrels.com and see if they can make you one special.

Get hold of Hans Vang, down at Gunsite. He is a grumpy old man like me but also a great guy. If it can be done safely, he can or will know who!

Hope this helps a little. Maybe another will have beter info for you.

Good Luck and Be Safe