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April 9, 2008, 05:42 PM
IDPA Shooting Vest Needed ! Where can I buy a reasonable priced shooting vest for IDPA competition on the internet. Thanks in advance!

April 13, 2008, 12:16 PM
First I'd read Ken Hackathorn on the topic in the IDPA journal. One strong suggestion is that a convenient dump pouch matters. He discusses brands and models and prices - things may have changed since the particular columns I have in mind but it is a perrenial topic.

Myself I bought half a dozen 5-11 vests in a discontinued pattern from LA Police Gear but all of the usual suspects sell vests that can be used.

Filson is probably the most expensive vest I have and likely not what most folks would call reasonable - I wouldn't myself; it was a present.

Tactical Journal - Volume 10, Issue 2 - Ken Hackathorn:

It has been noted that IDPA shooters often tend to wear a uniform; that is, 5.11 pants and, most often, the 5.11 concealment vest. Since IDPA puts heavy interest in concealment shooting in many of our matches, it is natural to seek out the gear that serves this process best. To say that the other forms of action shooting don’t follow the "uniform" rule would be an understatement; some other action shooting disciplines have sponsored shooters wearing outfits that a pro-bowler would refuse to wear. Regardless of the issues of which concealment garment works best, the vest has become king of IDPA use.

The 5.11 vest has become wildly popular for both everyday concealment use as well as for IDPA use. Sadly, the design of the 5.11 vest has never been right in that access to the pockets for easy drop in function of tactical magazine changes is compromised by the design. Something as simple as putting your car keys in the side pocket is a hassle. For some time now I have recommend Cabela’s Safari Vest, at $49.95, as one of the best designs for concealed carry use.

Just recently, Woolrich introduced a line of tactical oriented clothing under their "Elite" clothing line. These products are of exceptional quality, well designed and priced very competitively to existing products. I have been using the vest marketed under the Woolrich "Elite" line and find it much better in function for the concealed carry application.

Easy access pockets on both the right and left front make this vest much better for IDPA use, plus the Woolrich "Elite" vest is made of heavier material than other popular vests, making it is easier to sweep out of the way in a concealed draw. The only negative about the "Elite" series of clothes is that they may be a bit heavy duty for warm weather wear. It is my understanding that a warm weather version or tropical line of tactical concealment clothes from Woolrich "Elite" is soon to appear. If you like the professional look and feel of the current 5.11 line of clothing, check out the Woolrich "Elite" product line. See the expanded Pro Shop in this issue of Tactical Journal.

There have since been some major issues with the Woolrich Elite line that lead some people to avoid it.

April 13, 2008, 12:36 PM
i use the cabela's safari vest,,,you can find them for less than cabela's sells them for if you look around on the Internet,,,the last ones i got were in the 30-35 dollar range.... these vests work really well for me,,,, i don't care for the 511 stuff,, i think they are to short for good cover,,at least the one i tried on was

i have been thinking about getting one of the safari jackets for the time when something on your arms would be nice

my .02