View Full Version : Painting a parkerized, synthetic shotgun?

April 8, 2008, 10:33 AM
Hi All,

I’d like to paint a camo pattern on a parked\synthetic shotgun and I’m hoping you good people wouldn’t mind sharing some tips/thoughts/links?

Thinking of next year’s turkey gun: 870 Police Magnum with ghost ring in the rear and a rifle sight up front, Syn upper and syn monte carlo rear. It has the darker full parkerized finish. I’m putting a Winchoke (it’s the tools available) in the short barrel (offhand I think it is 18.5”) and have an extended XX Full choke that will then put me out to about 20” when done.

After that is done I would like to put a camo paint job on it. I have heard of many different bake on types of good finishes, but am I correct in assuming I cannot bake onto the synthetics since they would not do well in an oven? So I will need something else if my assumption is correct…

I’ll start with a deep degreasing\scrubbing the parked surfaces but am looking for tips after that. I recognize the parkerized finish on it should soak up whatever finish I use fairly well, but anything made for this? Multi colors to allow me a nice camo pattern? Any good paint “patterns” out there?

I am hoping to make it the toughest\nicest finish when done and I am less concerned about the time difference in application of finishes, or the cost differences between finishes...

Thanks in advance!