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April 6, 2008, 09:36 PM
Hi all - relative newbie here, I have a Stoeger coachgun which is not a high-end shotgun but suits me fine, except for one thing: If my urban neighborhood ever riots again, and I'm holed up in the house with the family, I'd sure like to be able to swap the standard stock for a pistol grip. Anybody have any advice for me? I want it to look reasonably nice but functionality is the key issue here.

Thanks in advance -

April 6, 2008, 10:06 PM
You're better off with the full stock. Only hits count.

April 10, 2008, 07:34 PM
I had a Stoeger Double.Illness is the reason I don't now.I had no trouble using it or any double for 50 years whether English or pistol grip.The modern so called "Pistol grip"that looks like a Semi auto pistol with a magazine in the handle has no useful function to me and interferes with my use of the gun with the ones I have tried.I see and hear of folk putting on all of the "Garbage" as I call them accessories and rack their pump for the fear factor".Well,I have no doubt that it would scare them so they think it would scare others.It never scared me so I have no understanding of this Madison Avenue advertising and Gun writer magazine selling term.I personally do not believe such are dangerous except for accidental discharge shootings.Your gun was made correctly to shoot.

Now the above is one persons opinion based strictly from the experience of being shot at several times and even being hit at long range with Buckshot.From experience only,as I am not as smart as the folk who "Redneck or Dude up"their firearms.The folk who can really use a shotgun do not use this stuff.The folk who "Think" that they can use a shotgun do.If you don't believe this,go to a range and watch the good and the experts shoot.Go to a dump and watch the others.Now I do believe in to each his own and I am a vet because I believed these folks had the right to impress each other as we like to with "Normal"firearms.And YES,I have heard and read of all of the reasons given for the accessories.I personally find them comical as I do all of us one way or the other,including "me" most of all.


April 11, 2008, 08:56 AM
I may be wrong since I don't have a coach gun, But I am preety sure that putting a pistol grip only on a coach gun will make it a Short Barreld shotgun and require you to register it, ect. with the ATF. This is not because of barrel length, but overall length. You need to have an over all legth of 26" (?) to be legal. Cost about $200, plus the other fee's you may come across such has having the pistol grip custom made.

That said you are better off with the stock on it.If you think you have to have a pistol grip only then get a used Mossberg 500 with pistol grip only. Should be less then the tax stamp, say $150 or less. With the $50+ you have left over from the tax stamp route differance buy a stock:D

April 11, 2008, 02:32 PM
Putting a pistol grip on a coach gun has 2 drawbacks (IMO). The first has already been mentioned, the possibility of falling below the required overall length to stay legal.
The second is a safety issue. As a paramedic I made a call several years ago involving an attempted robbery with a cut down shotgun. Both the barrels and the stock of his Stevens 311 12ga had been shortened, the barrels to 14" and the stock cut down to a pistol grip. This individual, in addition to a questionable ethical and moral status, also did not understand physics. He held the shotgun at hip level and fired off one barrel whereupon the gun swiveled in his grip so that it was pointed at his head, and his reaction in trying to keep a hold of it caused him to pull the second trigger. As my partner reported over the radio,"Medical assistance is not needed at this scene,...Notify the M.E.".

Instead of pistol grip, a short (8 to 10") lop on the stock will still allow control after firing and may aid in the prevention of the sg rotating in the hand. And will allow sufficient material to stay above the 26" minimum OAL required by law.

Or better yet, buy a dedicated HDSG that has more than 2 shots.


April 11, 2008, 05:37 PM
If you are looking at like a Ithaca/Holland Arms Auto & Burglar style, it will most likely have to be custom made. TMK, never saw an aftermarket PG for any double, just for NEF singles. Probably due to unwitting SBS violation. Plus, usually stock blanks usually come in some kind of profile. It's possible a custom stockmaker would just be attaching a wood pistol grip under the tang ala the M1 Carbine Enforcer or the one Ramline (and Ruger on the FS model) made for the Mini 14. Iy would look like crap with checkering left on the original wood, possibly structurally weaker. Otherwise you're talking real money, constructing a wood PG handle from scratch.

True sawed-off, coach guns had a whipit stock, something there, that goes back to the Blunderbuss age. Probably often too short to function as a real buttstock, but something there, like a counterbalance. Just get your crosscut and some sandpaper, masking tape make sure to keep the whole thing over 26" (check local laws, here in MI going under 30" would make you guilty of an unregistered handgun if you don't) and that's before adding a pad if you do. And make sure not to cut into the stock bolt. It can be a half stock or a hogleg style knobby PG (where you really gotta watch the stock screw and maybe have to shorten or replace anyway)*, but DIY is what you want to do.

Do the work on a second stock if possible, buy another.

I love compact long guns, personally think the SCG is handy enough. Any grip angle alteration too with impede use of controls, the safety and opener were designed to work with your hand in a different position

this is not the real A&B style butt, which was square backed and a 90 degree L shape. This is a hogleg style. Your 20" pipes and this: 26.5"? Hope you have the black stock, or it will never look good. This way would allow access to controls though.