View Full Version : RB trigger fitted to Ruger .22lr

Big Dog
April 6, 2008, 10:22 AM
Yip, if you reading these post you will see I am having fun with my .22lr calibres.

This one is about a new RB trigger I fitted yesterday to my .22LR Ruger MM/22 All Weather S/Steel. Although I like the gun, I have never liked the trigger. The dealer got the original tirigger tuned a bit when I bought the gun but still not really good.

When I fitted the trigger it works perfectly when not in the synthetic stock. I have made some filing aroung the trigger area of the stock to prevent rubbing. When I fit the action into the stock it works until the last 1/2 turn or so of the back screw behind the trigger guard. Two think happen here:
1. When bolting, as you push the bolt back into position, the hammer slips of and therefore, can't fire.
2. When you tighten up the trigger, once you pull the trigger, the hammer moves forwards very slowly.

this seems like a rubbing problem or something but I can't work it out. Slacken of the back screw a wee bit and bobs your uncle! It OK.

Can anyone put me out of my misery???:(