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Big Dog
April 6, 2008, 10:12 AM
Guy I posted a thread in the handgun forum and maybe should have put it here; not sure so I will add the content below:

Anyone know whereI can buy a factory made trigger for my Tanfoglio Force pistol in .22lr. Can't get them here (NI). Do any of you know where I could get them.

I recently bought this pistol 2nd hand. I have had some firing problems and took it back to my dealer. The smithy felt it was a firing pin issue. We had problem sourcing a new pin so he made one.

Here is what is happening. I have only tried it twice since getting it back:
- 30 rounds Winchester Lazer 22lr - 27 fired 3 needed the hamer re-cocked and then they fired.

- 30 CCI Velositor (???) about 22/23 fired and the others wouldn't work at all with re-cocking. I put them in my rifle and then they fired. So ammo ok.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this because if I can't get a new factor pin I think I will sell it.

April 6, 2008, 07:07 PM
Don't know if this will help, but this is off their web site.

Distributors in Europe.



30 Killyman Street Moy, Co. Tyrone BT71 7SJ Tel./Fax +44 2887 789 533

You might take a look at the chamber of your barrel, kind of sounds like the edge of the chamber has been peened over slightly from the pistol being dry fired. If this is the problem it is an easy fix and will not require any new parts.