View Full Version : Blue woder Gun Cleaner Users

Jack Reevez
April 4, 2008, 02:02 AM
I have recently ordered 3 large tubes of it (havent received them yet). I guess i am
impressed form what i have read so far on the net. But i do have a few queries about it.

1. i have 4 handguns , 2 shotguns and acouple of rifles. How long does a tube
last... i mean on the average. I dont shoot much these days. rarely ever shoot
my shotguns. i do shoot the handguns though..every now and then.
2. Is it harh on the gun metal or bad for it? i mean using it often?
3. Most of the sites say thats its applied with a brush. Can it be applied with
a patch as well? If yes, then are the results as good as if applied with a patch?
4. I use Hoppes lubricating oil. They say its imperetive to use a good lubricating
oil after using Blue wonder cleaner. s Hoppes good enuff for that to prevent Rust?

Thanks everyone.