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Dusty Rivers
April 2, 2008, 03:04 PM
I posted a question on the revolver forum today. That post and an answer from another member is copied below. My question is are there Speer type loads for a 12GA rifled barrel that would allow me to use shot for HD and practice, without damaging the rifling in the shotgun?

CCI shot shell and rifeling damage question


On the shotgun forum there are several posts regarding how regular shot can damage the rifleing in a shotgun that has a rifled barrel. Many suggest that you will damage the barrel if you use anything but sabot slugs in it.

My question is does the same concerns hold true for using CCI shotshells in a pistol? Has anyone actually ruined a barrel this way, or is it an old wives ( no insult intended to the wives) tale? Does CCI shotshell give you a good snake pattern? I have not used it.


Dusty Rivers

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Recurring question for some reason.
In most of the Speer shells the shot charge is captured inside a blue plastic shot capsule that travels down the bore, which means the shot doesn't touch the rifling.
Speer shotshells of all types do no damage to rifling in anything. If they did, they would not have been selling for a multitude of guns in several different calibers, ALL with rifled bores, for 30-something years.
Snake patterns are fairly close, both practical range & pattern density vary from gun to gun, and are affected by barrel length, caliber, and rifling twist.

April 2, 2008, 10:45 PM
Well, you should just think about it for a moment as to HOW soft lead (or the hardest) is going to ruin a barrel made of steel. The only downside is that it will put a lot of lead in the bore and will require a lot of cleaning to get it out. Copper used in jacketed bullets is considerably "harder" than lead. The copper doesn't ruin the barrels.
There is a certain amount of BS out there pushed by people that are brainless and will repaet anything they hear as gospel.
You can shoot lead shot in a rifled barrel till your butt falls off, all you will have is a VERY leaded up bore, that with a lot of cleaning of the lead, will be like new. Need proof?? take a lead ingot and rub it over the cheapest steel you can find and see what happen. The lead will wear away, the steel ,, nothing.
Oh, to get to your question again, Speer doesn't make a shot capsule for shotgund, pretty much snake loads for pistols. Most all shotshells made in this country now have a plastic sleeve to encapsolate the shot. Lousy patterns in a rifled bore, trust me, I tried it once.