View Full Version : Critiquing Youtube videos

March 30, 2008, 11:39 AM
Look at this guy. He is very smooth and this says worlds about 9mm precision and the value of the 9. Quick draw, double tap, and surgical. Notice how he ducks down on the reload to make himself less of a target. On a couple of shots he ducks.

To make this type of training realistic, I believe we should add a little stress. The guy should run a half-mile right before and do 100 pushups. Another guy should sit in the background with an airhorn or whistle sounding it off at random times. Maybe other shooters should be next to him with various caliber guns, such as a guy with a shotgun setting it off or someone setting off some powerful firecrackers.

I believe a lot of this range type training lacks the sufficient stress and realism. Realistically, you'll be shooting when your pulse is racing and their will be other distractors.

What do you think?