View Full Version : finding discontinued scope mounts questions

March 28, 2008, 12:52 AM
Does anyone know of any place to find old/discontinued/hard to find mounting hardware for discontinued guns?

I've been looking for the longest time for a pistol scope mount for my discontinued Smith and Wesson 622. There are two mounts out there, the aimtech and the b-square. The aimtech is more common, but i don't like the design. on the other hand, i really like the b-square pistol mount for this S&W series of pistols. But it is soooo elusive. I've tried searching the internet under various terms; heck, I've spent half a day at all gun shows going over parts bin...but no luck

So....can any point me in the right direction...or does any one have a b-square mount for the S&W 622/422/2202 line of pistols that they are willing to sell???