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March 26, 2008, 08:17 PM
So here's the new shotgun.


About all I want to add at this point is a light, and I'm probably going to go with the Streamlight M3X. I might add a sling.

However, I note on this gun (and I believe the 870 Police is set up the same) that the front sling stud points down. So if you have both a sling and a vertically mounted light (beneath the gun), isn't the sling going to fall directly in front of the light source? :confused:


I'm wondering if a side mounted light is the answer here. With this Streamlight mount in particular (see below) that fits under the mag cap or mag extension, I'm wondering if the light would sit along side the fore-end (left side) so that I could operate a rocker switch with my thumb.


The way the groove for the light is oriented, it *looks* as though the mount extends back along the fore-end (instead of forward toward the muzzle), but I'm not positive.

Any ideas/advice/insults/etc.?

March 26, 2008, 09:00 PM
Congrats on the new gun. First post here, great gathering place with some real nice folks who know their shoot about shotguns:p.

I picked up an 870 MM a last week and pumped about 80 rounds through it on the skeet range on Easter Sunday. About 2/3 of those rounds murdered some serious air molecules, while the gents I was with got to watch perfectly good clays sail gracefully to crash landings. Yup, lousy skeet gun, but at least I was out there giving it a shot, so to speak.:D

Great bunch of guys at the range, plenty of pointers (actually, it was pretty overwhelming--way too much stuff to remember:eek:). A couple of the gents were over 80, and one of them was quite a shot. Everyone offered and insisted I shoot their guns (hint, hint:o) and one guy even shot a couple doubles with mine (and hit his clays...)

Anyways, moral of the story is I had some fun and met some real nice folks. Oh, and I'm gettin' that shotty broke in right proper, now if I can only hit some more clays. I did powder a couple, and it's kinda funny--I seemed to shoot best when I was just...shooting. It's been 20+ years since I've shot clays and it seems a lot harder now, but I have developed some bad habits with a rifle, so I got some work to do.

Sorry about hijacking your thread for a moment--good luck with your new 870 HD--fine gun, I'm diggin' mine.


March 27, 2008, 11:12 AM
The Surefire dedicated forend will not work (well) with vertical slings. To go with that setup you would have to put on a side mount sling adaptor which would mount similar to the Streamlight mount behind the mag extention.

As for the Streamlight mount pictured, I tried it and don't particularly care for it. Doesn't feel like the extension tightens down on it enough. For now I run a TLR 1 with this mount.


Seems to work pretty good but I am really looking at getting a Surefire 3 railed forend.