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DCJS Instructor
March 23, 2008, 08:38 AM
Fellow Shooters,

Thank you for ALL the valuable input on, what you are looking for in a Firearms Instructor? The response was fantastic and gave me some valuable insight. My hope is that it was beneficial to other Instructors as well.

Now that I have a better idea of what you are looking for in a Firearms Instructor. What type of training are you looking for?

In an attempt to bring my students the most Recent, Reverent and Realistic training I need your help!

What would be the ideal firearms training class?

How many hours?
How many days?
What classroom topics would you like to discuss?
What range drills would you like to do?

What do you want to learn?

How much do you want to shoot (200,300,400,500,600,700 rounds per day?)

In a (1) one day class 8 hours how would you like it split up 4 hours classroom and 4 hours on the range. 2-3 hours in the classroom 5-6 hours on the range? Or 1 hour in the class room 7 on the range?

What about (2) day courses for example (1) day Glock Armorer and (1) day on how to shoot the Glock.

Who is looking for Live fire FATS training where you are in a situation where someone is coming at you with a gun or a knife or baseball bat any you have to decide to shoot, move or communicate or you may get shot with air-soft ?

Should we combine Handgun & Shotgun together?

Should we combine Handgun & Patrol Rifle (M-4/AR-15) together?

Should we combine Hand to Hand fighting skills with a Handgun Course?

How about Weapons Retention training? ( It amazes me that when I teach this to my advanced concealed carry class they love it but have NEVER practiced it unless they were Law Enforcement.)

So please let me know what you want to learn. FYI it can also be classes you want to take at another school!
I will be sure to pass the info on to Instructors I know:

Tom Perroni