View Full Version : Marlin model 15 problem

March 21, 2008, 03:00 PM
I got a Marlin model 15 single shot bolt action 22 a few days ago, took it out, everything worked fine, took it home and cleaned it. I took it out earlier today and it wouldn't eject. Any ideas?

March 22, 2008, 01:56 AM
is there a wire rod serving as an ejector? Take a flat blade screw driver, and GENTLY pry upwards. That should solve the problem.

March 22, 2008, 11:57 AM
I gave up already and took it to a gunsmith, but it almost looked like the firing pin doubled as the ejector as it had lots, I'm talking like a half inch, of travel farther than seemed necessary, but I couldn't see what it was supposed to catch on to eject.