View Full Version : New IWB for Sig 220

Detachment Charlie
March 20, 2008, 09:57 PM
I like the .45 ACP round. Of course, I have several 1911s. But, After buying a Sig P6 (225) 9mm, I had to get one in .45. I got a great deal through Summit Gun Brokers on a used German-made Sig 220 (Old Style: No rails). Although it's a single stack, it needed a good holster.
I have waited months and paid the bucks for "custom" and other high-end holsters. Some were worth it, others not.
Usually, I'll get a Don Hume for initial carry of a new piece. Hume makes good, off-the-rack stuff and should not be scoffed at.
However, this was a Sig I was buying for. I didn't want to wait months or even weeks, but I wanted a class holster.
I took a chance on a new (to me) holstermaker -- Gun-Works Holsters. Not a cheap holster, but an excellent value. Great piece of work with good leather, design and stitching. I chose an unusual "variable cant" model that can be worn strong-side or crossdraw by adjusting either the belt loops or clip.
Best part was, it was on my belt in only 2-1/2 days from ordering. E-mail communication was great.
Give this outfit a look if you're looking for a new quality holster supplier.:D