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Shadi Khalil
March 17, 2008, 11:13 PM
Hello everyone,
I want to share with everyone an experience I had over the weekend. Not too long ago, I posted a thread on this forum looking for a handgun instructor. I have been shooting for a few years now but have never been consistent, due to lack of practice and no formal instruction. Since I had recently just got back into shooting I decided I wanted to take it seriously. A day after posting I got a response from Tom Perroni of “Perroni Tactical” and “Golden Seal Enterprises”. When I spoke with Tom he let me know a little bit about his backround and I told him what I was looking for. At the time he was very busy but worked me into a class of qualifying people from various agencies for their jobs.

The class began with a discussion about safety and going over gear and where we should wear it. Our gear consisted of a gun, holster, flashlight, knife and two mags in a holder. This was the first time I had ever had more than a gun on my belt, it all felt very cool. Tom then had us all line up and show him our grip and stance. Him and his instructor (who’s name escapes me at the moment) then demonstrated the proper grip and stance and corrected ours. It was amazing how quickly Tom was able to walk up, make a few adjustments to my grip and stance and I was set. One of the most important things Tom taught us was trigger control. Correcting how much finger I had on the trigger made a huge difference. Another important thing he taught us was how to use our sights. He had us say, "front sight" over and over while we pulled the trigger, while it felt silly at first, it made a huge difference. After that we went out to the range and started shooting the different courses. Not long into it I could see the difference in my shooting. After about a half hour in, the woman shooting next to me leaned over then yelled out”hey everyone, the civilian is chewing a whole in the center of his target!”. The distances weren’t great (7-15 yrds) but the control I felt compared to before was like night and day. These were also draw and fire drills, something I really had never done before. After that we did low light shooting with a flash light, something anyone who keeps a nightstand gun should know about.

After a good bit of drills and basic instruction came one of the single most exhilarating experiences of my life, shooting on the move. Although it was not a combat class, Tom made sure we all had a lot of fun before we got out of there. Near the end he gathered us all up and had everyone make their weapons safe. Tom took me down range and had me stand in front of a target. Tom held the back of my shirt as I walked backwards, firing as fast as I could and reloading, all while on the move. The whole time Toms yelling “Run that gun!!” Reload! Reload!”It really added to the experience and pushed to you to be quick. Right after that, Tom lined up targets diagonally and we ran and shot targets while and reloaded. Absolutely thrilling.

In those 4 hours I learned more than I ever could in a lifetime on my own about shooting. Tom and his staff were professional, patient and attentive. At no time did I not feel safe or feel like I was being left out, despite the fact I was pretty much “sitting in” on a class. This class was a great introduction to defensive/combat shooting for me; I am really looking forward to continuing my training with Tom and his team. You should check out his website http://www.perronitactical.com for a course schedule. There is one at the end of this month for all you NOVA’ers, I’m hoping to be there.

Sorry for the long post guys.


Hard Ball
March 18, 2008, 08:23 AM
Sounds like an excellent and very practical course.

Shadi Khalil
March 18, 2008, 08:48 AM
it absoulutly was, im looking forward to doing something a little more intensive with them..

March 18, 2008, 06:08 PM
Which course did you take?

May God bless,

Shadi Khalil
March 20, 2008, 05:50 PM

I dont believe the class I took was offered on the course sheet, rather it was for a group of officers qualifying for whichever agency. There is an advanced CC class I'm taking next weekend. I'll be sure to report back on that.......