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steve-o 1911
March 17, 2008, 08:34 PM
Hey, i'm new to competition shooting and I have my pistol and rifle setup. But for shotgun I was deciding on getting an 870 for my first competition shotgun. Should I get the 870 Tactical or the Police? Or should I be using a different type of shotgun Also what length barrel would be optimal for target shooting? I'm new to all this so I might sound pretty stupid. But any advice would help Thanks!

P.S. I'm looking at spending between 500-800

March 18, 2008, 01:38 AM
Do you mean three gun shooting, or something else like sporting clays, trap, or skeet?

Presumably you mean three gun, since you've stated that you intend to buy an 870 tactical/police, and I am not qualified to comment on that choice, having never participated in a 3 gun match.

I can tell you that for clay targets, longer barrels swing nicely, and presumably there's some sight radius benefit as well. I'm not great at skeet, but i've gotten beaten by people with 870's (when I was using an auto), but for most of us humans to take a skeet game to the next level, it helps to have a double or autoloader. My game is still in the basement. :D

But the beauty of shotguns is that you can quickly swap barrels, and 870 barrels are fairly cheap (try finding a barrel for a left handed 11-87 :( ), so you can have a shortie for your three gun/home defense/clutching while watching red dawn action, and then switch to a longer barrel when you want to embarrass that dude with a fancy pants double at the clays range.

Lastly, if your range is $500-800 , it might not be out of the question to consider an autoloader. Or you could get a plain jane 870, a short (18") barrel, and the leftover money would buy a lot of targets, ammo, and range time.

Smitty in CT
March 18, 2008, 06:31 AM
Mossberg 930SPX can be had for ~$550, some folks have found them for less...

They make a great 3-gun shotgun...


steve-o 1911
March 18, 2008, 10:03 AM
yea I'm looking at doing 3 gun matches

March 21, 2008, 06:41 PM
I got a big crush on the SPX, but I always wondered why 3 Gun guys (to my knowledge) never picked up on the Saiga. Even with mag insertion like an AK, still has to be faster than those tube and chute type speedloaders. As well more responsive than the usual setup (an 1100/87 with 26-8" bbl and mag tube flush with that 10+1 IIRC). This gun makes the Street Sweeper look like a joke, I mean on paper Saiga is the ultimate combat scattergun. You could have 5,8,10 rd mags or a 20 shot drum (which would be murder on the mag catch).
Standard sporter config. 19"(1 pc. buttstock and trigger assy relocated farther back), or one of the Krebs, Tromix, etc. Assault style. I'd prefer the original Russian Spec side folder, and leave it at that. But even the sporter is a lot of gun.
Gun goes for under 500, mags have come down a lot but still you need them- that's why one would choose this shotgun. But even the 5 rounders hold an advantage in quick change, and self containment (ie switching from buck to slug instantly with one op.). You have to look around for deals, and get quality ones, (some are jamamatics). Usual AK ergonomic flaws apply too. But one to consider, I think.

Also the 930 Combo 18.5" riot with front bead/28" ribbed, ported, choked. Use the shorty one for HD, and the long pipe (with a full tube extension by Choate, and rib mounted fiber optic sight) for 3 Gun, and skeet (even if as a form of plinking). That is a very affordable set up. the 930 already has a great rep, it's like the XD or M&P of shotguns.

Remmy makes/has made 1100 and 11-87 set up specifically for 3 gun and Bowling Pin competition. You'd be fine with an 870, but might benefit from lighter recoil of an auto, and increase in speed. Benellis, Wilson TR11-87, 930's, Saigas, etc. can all have 4 or more hulls in the air at once, if the shooter is up to that, I've seen pictures and videos. Autos are not as reliable as pumps however. Still a malfunction won't get you killed if it occurs at a match, it's a sporting gun.

3 gun sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, hopefully soon I can get into it once I get the hardware.