View Full Version : Any first hand stories for Bri?

March 13, 2008, 12:14 PM
I am curious if the female folks of this fine forum would have tips, stories of before CCW or after CCW where a weapon was needed. Tips for situational awareness from a womans point of view. While this is the internet I would like to hope the stories are true and tips helpful.
I would like the input of PAX, and Tamara for sure but any other ladies too. Would any of you be comfortable or interested in letting her call you or you call her to speak in person? She is still a few years from legal CCW age but I just feel that while she is still young and impressionable at 16 I have my best chance at molding her into a confident, aware self reliant young woman. Anyone (nearly so) can buy and carry a hand gun but I want to know education and determination are there first... Not paranoid but daddy ain't gonna be allowed to shadow her every move in life.
BTW I will also be making a similar request for ANY active duty or retired PRO CCW LEOs to provide the professional, "official" view.
Thanks in advance ya'll...