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March 10, 2008, 05:54 PM
Well folks there is one less NIB M-10 in this world as of this afternoon. :D

I took it out and ripped a few mags through it which gave me a nice grin, until the &[email protected]#ing Zytel mag crapped out on me and it started jamming like crazy (I'm ordering a Sten conversion kit).

I put a new Flemming/Subcal .22 kit on it ( I know :barf::barf::barf::barf:) and it would occasionally shoot 4-5 rounds off but it always jammed and usually became a single shot Machine Gun.

I used both the recommended CCI Mini-Mags, Wildcats & Federal Champion. I'd read to try spraying the ammo with Rem oil, but it had no effect. I was feeding it from the supplied Buttler Creek 25-rounder.

The main probs would be either:
-The bolt comming only partially back before stopping
-Casing failing to eject
-Cases jaming back towards the mag

I'm not really much of a tinkerer and I've head of folks doing all sorts of Hooah-Hooah mods to the springs or what not, but I'm kind of a babe in the woods, when it comes to modifying toys. But I shot one that ran like a top at an MG shoot, so I know it can be done.

I've searched the internet and found people mostly complaining about Flemmings, but does anyone know of somewhere that can tinker with them and make them work? Or any other voodoo, Jedi mindtricks to make them work?

I've E-mailed about the Lage 22 kits, but that's a good ways away and I want to play with my toy now.


March 10, 2008, 07:12 PM
Check out these two links for assistance in getting yours to run.. I'm normally at that forum and these guys are great for help..



CONGRATS ON YOUR M10!!! I have one and LOVE IT!