View Full Version : Umpiring and the Combat Drawstroke.

matthew temkin
March 9, 2008, 09:58 PM
I recall learning the "proper" way of taking off my umpiring mask while preparing for my first game.
I believe it was a "3 count" technique.

1) Grip bottom of mask with left hand.

2) Pull mask out so as to clear your cap's brim.

3) Lift up, holding it at your side while the play develps.

Would you believe that I actually practiced this in front of a mirror for more time than I care to admit.
So what happened?
On my first call at a base I made the safe signal and then looked at my left hand--and there was my mask.
In my hand almost like magic.
And I'll bet dollars to donuts that I did it completely "wrong"--but accomplished the "mission" nonetheless.
I learned a lesson that day--don't get hung up on technique or the so called "proper way" ----just do it.

March 9, 2008, 10:12 PM
While your technique may not have been perfect, I am willing to bet you that had you NOT spent all those times practicing, you would have been wearing your mask and not holding it when the action unfolded!

The same thing goes for a defensive draw. If you have never practiced, chances are you are going to leave that pistol right where it is when the action starts to unfold and you will use a more instinctual and less effective defensive maneuver instead of drawing your gun!