View Full Version : Charles Harvan Castillian grade shotgun

March 9, 2008, 09:16 AM
I am wondering if anyone here can help me, I own a Charles Harvan Castillian grade Double barrel shotgun in 20ga. and cant seem to find anyone who knows about them. I already posted in Harley Noldens sight but could only get the basics on where it made, etc,etc. I am wondering if anyone has any hands on experience with them. It is a beautiful piece of artwork and has a fully engraved reciever with dog and bird scenes on both sides and numerous scrollings. It also has some of the nicest hand checkered bearled walnut I have seen on a firearm. It has a Prince of Whales style stock and forearm and I know that it was made by Jose Cruz in Eibar, Spain and it was manufactured in 1954. The fit and finish are great and it shoots excellent. If anyone can help me with any furthur info on this gun I would appreciate it. Im mainly wondering about the quality and value. Im getting mixed oppinions on the spanish guns and know that some were junk and some were very high end. The looks of this one and the quality is that its a higher end spanish but im not sure. Im sorry theres no pics of this but my junk computer wont download them.