View Full Version : MISR-10 question

March 7, 2008, 03:45 PM
I have read a lot of posts regarding MISR-10 AKs and would like some clarification on something. I bought my MISR-10 a few years ago at a show, new in box. It came with a 10-round magazine, threaded barrel, serial number began with CA, etc. My question is this: I didn't know ANYthing about this rifle when I bought it, so when I was there I picked up a couple of different 30-round mags ... took it to the range and shot about 250 rounds, using all three mags (the 10 and both 30s) ... it worked flawlessly and shot great, straight, etc. But I've been reading lately that the "10" in MISR-10 meant that it would only take 10-round mags and that they come with non-threaded barrels. Oh, and I've read that the MISR-10 rifles only come with thumb-hole stocks, but mine had a pistol grip on it (along with the other several he had for sale) ... any comments on this that may explain to me what's going on?