View Full Version : Savage 111 Good, bad or ugly?

Northern Sod Breaker
March 6, 2008, 10:53 PM
While looking for a .243 I came across a Savage 111 in 30-06. Package deal, brand new W/Simmons scope boresighted and sling for $329. I'm begining to wonder anyway if an '06 would be more versitle then a .243. Appears to be easy to find '06 ammo on the surplus markets. The other chioses were a Savage (didn't catch the model #) w/ wood stock in .270 for $269. It would cost at least $100 to scope it. A Reminton 770 Package for $369, or a Stevens (don't remember the price)

March 7, 2008, 08:11 AM
Those Savages are good shooters. Not much to look at, but solid shooters. The new ones with the accutriger are even better, but you'll pay a higher price for one. Stay away from the Rem 770. It is just a 710 with a new number.

As far as caliber goes, the .243, 30-06, and .270 are all fine calibers for any deer sized animal. If you are at all recoil adverse the .243 will be more pleasant to shoot. If you really want a 30-06 then buy it because you like the caliber, not just because of the availability of military surplus ammo. The reason is that different brands of ammo will pattern differently when shot out of your rifle. Brand A might tend to shoot high and right. Brand B might tend to pattern low and left. Brand C might be all over the place. If you are trying to extend your shooting time buy buying lots of cheaper military surplus ammo you will drive yourself crazy re-zeroing your scope every time you switch ammo suppliers.

March 7, 2008, 08:21 AM
Savage 111 is a real shooter. Everyone I've ever had was a 1 moa rifle out of the box.

The only thing is the stock sucks. If you use bipods, you will really see the forearm flex affect your shooting. All in all they are the best rifle for the money, period.