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March 5, 2008, 10:48 PM
Ok, I did a build on a savage 110 a year or so ago. Rifle shoots amazing. Shoots consistantly under .75 moa groups with cheap federal powershok ammo. BTW, though that is about as cheap as ammo gets it's still very accurate cheap ammo.

Question is this. I want to get into reloading because I would love to wring .5 moa out of this, and prices are way too expensive.

I've noticed that the fire-formed brass that comes out of the rifle as a very slight bulge where there is a gap between the forward most part of the bolt and the rear most part of the bbl (chamber). The headspace is good, as with a savage you can adjust headspace by screwing the bbl in and out. BUT theres the gap between the bolt and the bbl. It's not huge (maybe .1") but it's enough that it leaves an indent on fired brass.

Is this dangerous enough that I need to ream the chamber a little deeper? Will it be too dangerous to get 2 more shots out of the already slightly deformed brass? Any answers would help.


March 6, 2008, 05:36 PM

I saw your question in the other forum first and answered it there.


March 6, 2008, 07:30 PM
Thanks SL...

That has been bothering me for a while, but the rifle always shot very nice. I came home and took a look at it.

I did crush test with aluminum foil, there is no real gap between the breech and the bolt (measured from tip of the extractor to breach face of the barrel). After looking even closer, I think the chamber was slightly counter-sunk (yeah, I know it isn't a word) to de-burr after they finish reamed the chamber. Thats why there is a very slight "band" after firing the brass. The total swell is about .004 of an inch. Wouldn't be able to see it except for the perfect line it forms. I also re-checked headspace just to say I did. It's tight, but good. I don't have to force the bolt on the go gauge but you can tell that it's contacting all around.

I should have looked at it thoroughly before I posted... I just saw that and freaked out a bit. I'm sure it is safe, I had just conjured up visions of firing a shallow reamed chamber with .3" of the round sticking out. Looking back I even checked that before I assembled the rifle, just forgot to trust myself.

Thanks though.