View Full Version : TruGlo Customer Support?

March 5, 2008, 03:13 AM
Has anyone had to deal with TruGLO's customer support?

I had some TFO sights installed on my Kimber not so long ago and today I went to the gun range and used them and realized that my front sight was dead. The plug that apparently keeps the Tritium lamp inside the fiber optic sight had worked it's way loose and fell out and the tritium vial has also left the building along with the plug.

So now I'm left with a somewhat flawed home defense weapon. What's my options?

March 5, 2008, 03:22 AM
I'd contact Tru-Glo and tell them the situation. At least give them a chance to respond. My guess would be that they'll make it right.

March 5, 2008, 03:25 AM
I also got to talk to them about the fitment on Kimbers...massive gap between the sight and the top of the slide.

I just hate the fact that I have to lose a lot of time over this. Hopefully TruGLO will pull through and make me happy with their products again

March 6, 2008, 12:45 AM
I had Truglo Tritium and fibreoptic sights on an H&K that were dim within a year. I contacted them, was asked to send the sights back and had a new pair within a short while.

Superhouse 15
March 6, 2008, 01:03 PM
Never had a set of pistol sights from them fail, but I had a customer with one of their scopes with a crooked crosshair and they replaced it free with a new one. Door to door less than 10 days.

March 7, 2008, 05:45 AM
Still not able to contact TruGLO, seems to me that their phone support staff has gone on vacation. The gun shop I bought these are going to take my gun and send back the front sight and wait on a replacement. Hopefully...one comes soon cause I like my Kimber.

March 12, 2008, 02:00 PM
TruGlo folks are great and I have found that they will always work with you. I received a email the other day saying that they would be out of pocket for a few days because they were at the Shot Show. May be the reason you are having trouble getting someone to answer the phone. Be Safe.:):):):)

May 12, 2008, 04:32 PM
Any update on this post? I just had the fiber insert of my front TFO sight fall out and am hoping TruGlo will make it right. I'm also hoping I don't have to bear the expense of replacing the whole front sight, and that they can just send a new fiber optic with instructions about how to secure it in place.