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Tom Givens
February 29, 2008, 11:33 AM
2008 Tactical Conference
Rangemaster’s annual Tactical Conference was held on 23-24 Feb 2008, again at the wonderful facilities of the Memphis Police Department Training Academy. This was the biggest and best event in the ten year history of the Tactical Conference. A total of 19 well known trainers conducted classroom, hands-on, and live fire blocks of instruction. Trainers present this year made up a virtual Who’s Who in the self defense training industry, including John Farnam (Defense Training Int’l.), Skip Gochenour (Director of the NTI), Mike Warsocki (Insights Training), Steve Moses and Hany Mahmoud (Bluff Dale Academy), T.J. Pilling (Tiger Valley Training), James Yeager (Tactical Response), Claude Werner and Mike Benedict (Rogers School), Randy Harris (Suarez Int’l.), Paul Gomez (Tac Pro), Will Andrews (H&H Gun Range), Mike Brown (USSA), Karl Rehn (KR Training), Rob Pincus (ICE), Southnarc (Shiv-Works) and John Hearne, William Aprill, and Tom Givens of Rangemaster.
In addition to all of the training, there was a competitive shooting event, involving three stages on the main indoor range and two stages on the main outdoor range. The indoor stages were conducted in very low light, while the outdoor shooting was in daylight. Outdoor problems included shooting while seated inside a real car, while the indoor problems included rescuing a female family member during a home invasion. The targets were realistic 3-D mannequins, with clothing and realistic looking fake guns for the hostiles. Shooters had to discriminate between armed threats and un-armed parties while remotely fired shotguns with blanks provided return fire from the threat targets.
Twenty five Rangemaster staff members ran the shooting event. Their scores are recorded separately. The top five shooters in the Event Staff class were
Randy Harris 59.24
William Aprill 73.28
John Hearne 80.18
Jeff Boardman 81.10
Randy Richardson 88.14.

Not everyone present chose to shoot in the competition, but 65 attendees did and their scores/standings were as follows:
Mike Brown 57.33
Thad Espy 67.68
Hany Mahmoud 73.24
Karl Rehn 76.00
Terry Pregler 81.64.

In addition to being the Overall Champion, Mike Brown also received the High Lawman award. Mike is an instructor at the United States Shooting Academy (USSA) in Tulsa, OK, and is also an active officer with the Tulsa Police Department. Congratulations, Mike!

The Tactical Conference has become one of the premiere training events in the US. The annual National Tactical Invitational (NTI) in Pennsylvania is the only other comparable annual event (see www.teddytactical.com for details on the NTI). We’re making plans for the 2009 Tactical Conference now.