View Full Version : Scope mounting problems on my Saiga with AK quick release mount

February 28, 2008, 09:56 PM
So - I bought a Saiga 7.62 x 39. What a sweet gun. Then I decided it needed a scope.

I bought the Leapers 5th GenQuick Detachable AK Side Mount with Double Rails (MNT-978). I mounted an inexpensive Bushnell Banner 1-4x32 scope using Weaver style rings and presto - I can't get sighted in. The gun shoots low, and even adjusting the scope to its maximum elevation I am still 3 inches low at 25 yards. Left right was no problem, just minor adjustments, but the elevation is a big problem.

I realize that this means the scope is not even close to parallel to the bore, and that the rear of the scope tube needs to be raised, but my question is, how do I do that to bring the scope into some semblance of alignment?

If I shim the rear ring, I am afraid I will stress the scope tube. Do I have to put some other type of one-piece base on the picatinny and shim that? (The negative with that is that the scope is already pretty high!) Or is there a one-piece set of rings for a picatinny rail? If so, then I suppose I could shim the rear of that.

Or is there some other way to solve this problem?

Any suggestions are welcome.

February 28, 2008, 10:13 PM
I used the set screw version of the double weaver rail(side and top) and had no problems setting my scope up. Put a cheaper tasco on it and voila, I had scopage. I have the .223 and strangely enough, it shoots dead on at 50yds and 150yds. Weird. Probably a reason behind it but whatever, it works. I hope you get yours figured out.