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Joe Davis
February 24, 2008, 03:42 PM
Can anyone identify and comment on the following shotgun?

Libero Daffini SxS 12ga. shotgun; Sidelock w/ 7 pin action; "Excelsior Model" stamped on flat filed rib; Double triggers - front articulated; Full coverage Acanthus style engraving, coin finished receiver with three gold inlays; Hidden third bite fastener,bushed firing pins; Anson type forend release.

Top of barrels, "E.S.C. Gia' Vickers & C." Bottom of barrels / lump designate Cromate barrels, Proofing (9KG 1.320), bore (18.3),

Lump designates, "FINIT"; "PSF"; Chamber length (CAM.70); Right side of lump is marked as follows,"KXIV"; "X" "*"

Manufacture locale is Bresica, Italy. Fit and finish of gun is excellent ++++ !! Engraving is excellent. Semi beavertail forend, semi pistol grip stock, figure of wood is moderate.

Any and all comments would be appreciated - especially any pertaining to quality and price / value ranges.

February 25, 2008, 03:48 PM
Historical perspective: Brescia, Italy is the heart of an area in Northern Italy famous for centuries for gunmaking. It has numerous factories that employ gun craftsmen and schools that teach the various industrial arts involved in gunmaking. There are and have been many small arms makers that make arms not very well known outside of the country of origin. These gunmakers also contract or specialize in making the components of the fireams bought and sold under different brands, providing lockworks, barrels, stocks, etc. Components are proofed by State agencies, and so marked (ex- PSF proof designates smokeless powder proof).

Your 12 gauge (18.3 mm bore) 2-3/4" chamber (CAM (chamber) 70 mm = 2.8") side by side shotgun was tested and proofed at 12,800 psi (9Kg/square mm or 1.320 KPa = 12,801 psi). It was manufactured and tested by a barrel-maker as shown by the FINITO mark. "*" designates the choke for that barrel. Libero Daffini could be either the maker or exporter, Vickers & C is a well-known British firm.