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February 21, 2008, 10:12 PM
I have been reading on here about the Stevens 200 and the Savage rifles. You guys are saying that the Stevens is the pre-accitrigger Savage right? So does that mean all the aftermarket accessories are compatable with both rifles? Is the finish on the steel of the Stevens comparable to the Savages?

Big Caliber
February 22, 2008, 12:45 AM
I bought a Savage 110fp about 10 yrs ago, well b4 the Accutrigger came along. I have since dropped a Timney trigger into it and am on the list for a replacement stock. 3 weeks ago I got a Stevens 200 for a "project" rifle. It has the exact same action & trigger of my older rifle, a 110 long action. 1st thing to install was a new trigger (Timney). The cal. is 25-06, & it has a 22" sporter bbl on it. After bbl break-in I'll work up some loads and see if I can get any decent groups w/ the factory barrel. If so, I'll leave it be... maybe... or maybe put a 26" varmint barrel and a nice stock on it...maybe. Yeah, in the long run it'll cost more than if I just shelled out for another 110 in 25-06, but I'll have fun tinkering w/ it as funds trickle in. Have not seen the new Savages but I'm reasonably sure that most the after products will fit a Stevens. Maybe check out Savageshooters.com. Thats where i go to get info on my rifles. For the money you can't go wrong with either Sav or Steve.